Fees & Policies


Registration Fee:  An annual non-refundable fee is required at registration. Classes are confirmed with completed registration including payment plan. All new and returning students will be charged a 25.00 non-refundable annual registration fee.

Tuition: Tuition is based on a 31 week academic year. Classes are held September through May, tuition payment schedule ends in May.

Registration is for the full academic year. Students must maintain their enrollment in their selected classes for the school year so they may advance each year within the program.

All tuition is accepted on-line. We do not accept cash or check.

Tuition Rates per Class

Class Length – Monthly Rate per Class

30 minute class – $46.00

45 minute class – $52.00

60 minute class – $57.00

75 minute class – $65.000

90 minute class – $70.00


Students enrolled in 3 or 4 classes will automatically receive a 5% discount on monthly tuition when they register.

Students enrolled in 5 or more classes will automatically receive a 10% discount on monthly tuition when they register.

Costume Fee: Accounts will be charged a costume fee. Recital costume charges occur on October 18th, 2019. Costume fees are non-refundable once charged.  If your child is in multiple classes, they will require additional costumes.

Child x-small – Child large $60

Child X-large – Adult Large $80

‘Not Participating in Spring Performance’  email sent to office due Friday, September 27th, 2019.


Studio Policies

It is the responsibility of each family to be aware of our policies. 

Tuition Payments:

Tuition for all dance classes is based on a 9-month (31 weeks) school year: September 4, 2019 through May 15, 2020.

Tuition is paid monthly, on the 1st of each month. By registering you agree to pay for the entire 9 month term. All fees associated with Gillman’s Dance Academy are non-refundable.

Payment options:

Auto-Pay: Debit – automatic withdrawal from checking or savings account on the 1st of every month.

Auto-Pay: Charge – automatic charge on Visa or MasterCard on the 1st of every month.

Tuition Discounts: Multiple class discounts are available.

Gillman’s Dance Academy does not provide invoices. It is the account holder’s responsibility to update all credit card information.

A $25 LATE FEE will be charged to all accounts not paid in full by the 1st of each month. (No exceptions, please.)

Accounts more than 60 days delinquent will result in suspension of lessons. Accounts more than 90 days delinquent will be submitted to a collections agency.

Accounts must be current and all fees paid before students may receive costumes or participate in performances.


Class make-up is allowed in cases of illness, injury, or family emergency.

Class must be made up within 30 days of absence.

Students may make-up a missed class by attending any class of the same level or a level below, with instructor approval.

Class Cancellations:

If Gillman’s Dance Academy must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond its control, the cancelled classes will be made up before the end of the school year. When Oldham County Public Schools  are closed for a snow day, we will make a decision if the studio will be closed by 2 pm that day. Please check your emails frequently on snow days, and do not automatically assume the studio is closed.  Gillman’s follows its own holiday schedule. Closure dates will be posted on our website, in the lobby, and in our newsletters. Please call us at 502.243.9722 or refer to our website for confirmation of all closures.


Regular attendance is necessary to maximize the full benefit of dance instruction for every student in the class.

We encourage parents/guardians to stress the importance of attending class and rehearsals.

If a student will knowingly miss class due to illness, an activity, or appointment, they should notify the studio office prior to class by calling 502.243.9722 or by emailing info@gillmansdance.com.

Lobby Area:

Food and drink are prohibited. This rule also applies to siblings waiting in the lobby. Water is permitted.

Please refrain from bringing pets into our facility as well.

Please be considerate of classes in session and keep noise at a minimum. Parents who choose to wait in the lobby area are responsible for the noise level of siblings brought with them.

Personal items must be stored in the cubbies. Gillman’s is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Items that have been left behind in studios or rehearsal halls will be put into “lost & found”. At the end of the school year, all unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill.

Be sure to properly dispose of your trash.

Dressing rooms are for female dancers and female parent or supervisors only. No Fathers or brothers please.

Observation Days:

Parents are invited and encouraged to observe their child’s progress during scheduled observation days.  Due to limited space, we ask that only one visitor per family attend.

Arrival and Departure:

We suggest that students arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for class.

Students may be asked to observe class if they arrive late. This is a safety precaution to avoid student injury.

Students should wait quietly for their class to begin.

Students should use the restroom before class, not during class. (Adults, please help with this.)

Students should wait in the lobby to be picked up by their parent/guardian.

Class Etiquette:

1. Wait for instructor’s permission to enter the studio.

2. Receive permission from instructor before leaving class.

3. No hanging on bars.

4. No food, drink, or chewing gum in class.

5. Follow Hair Policy and Dress Code at all times.

6. No “street” shoes on our dance floors! Dance shoes are not worn outside.

7. Keep a positive attitude.

8. No talking, running or horseplay during class. Students are expected to treat each other, instructors, and staff with the utmost respect, using appropriate language and good manners in every aspect of Gillman’s Dance Academy. Students who do not adhere to this request may be asked to sit out of class.

9. Have fun!

Note: Parents should be quiet and respectful of others while in the lobby/waiting areas. Young children must be watched at all times while in the studio; parents of small children are responsible for their child’s behavior.


Please make advance arrangements to speak with teachers as class time is limited and classes are scheduled consecutively.

Please check website and bulletin boards in the lobby for postings on news and events. All correspondence will be sent via email.

Please be sure your email address and account information is updated.

Hair Policy and Dress Code:

All students must wear their hair secured neatly in a ballet bun.

A dancer’s attire greatly determines the attitude toward their class work. Therefore, we require that the Dress Code is followed at all times. Instructors may not allow class participation by a student who regularly neglects this requirement.

All female students should wear black leotard / pink tights (Please do not wear tights with holes or bad runs).  Required footwear will be emailed upon registration. Be certain the elastic is properly sewn on all shoes.

All male students should wear white t-shirt / black tights, pants or gym shorts/black or white socks/ black ballet shoes, black tap & jazz.

Watches, bracelets, necklaces, and dangly earrings may not be worn during class.

We reserve the right to refuse service to students or parents who do not adhere to our policies and code of conduct.

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